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This is our original classic home-spun website built with MS FrontPage back in early 2004.


eBay Archive contains an assortment of early eBay Motors car scams with screen captured documentation. Also we have narrated screen recorded video backing up fraud allegations.


Our classic phpBB forums have been upgraded over the years to current, and are a treasure trove of early eBay discussions. And our blog went online in 2007 and is our main publishing tool.


eBay is the birthplace of internet car scams. It all began in the early days shortly after eBay Motors was rolled out. It's our belief had Meg Whitman educated the community how fraudsters were preying on them back in those early days, they could have nipped the fraud in the bud.


Here it is 10 years later and our showcased early internet scams have morphed into a global epidemic. Consumers are still falling for ridiculously too good to be true deals and are loosing their money, and even their identity to globally operated phishing scams.

As long as Americans continue to feed these scammers they will keep stealing our money! Folks don't swallow the sucker bait and fall for a "too good to be true" low priced car deal. If you can't inspect the vehicle first before sending the money forget about it. Take the time to read my popular article Internet Car Buying And Selling Tips this is without a doubt the best article ever written about Internet vehicle buying and selling.

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