Internet Vehicle Fraud and Seller Misrepresentation are the most costly consumer fraud on the net. One little seemingly innocent mistake and a car buyer will loose many thousands of dollars!

This website and blog is dedicated to internet used car buyers and sellers as a resource to educate, and prevent costly mistakes when buying and selling automobiles online!

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11/13/2015 We're Back! Our Site was offline for over a week after someone falsely reported us to our SSL security certificate provider claiming we operated a phishing website. After proving the allegations were false our certificate was reissued.

Unfortunately since we encrypt our website with the latest HTTP Strict Transport Security Protocol (HSTS) and reported this to Google to prioritize Chrome browser to only accept https/tls connections the site went down hard without it's encryption.

We don?t know who was behind the phishing report. BUT it smacks of eBay Inc reputation management tactics. And this is not the 1st time they have attempted to get websites that report their dirty laundry shut down.

eBay is the birthplace of internet car scams. It all began in the early days shortly after eBay Motors was rolled out. It is our belief that if Meg Whitman would have educated the community how fraudsters were preying on them back in those early days, they could have nipped the fraud in the bud. Here it is 10 years later and internet car scams are a serious global problem.

As long as we Americans continue to feed these scammers they will keep stealing our money!! Folks don't swallow the sucker bait and fall for a "too good to be true" low priced car deal. If you can't inspect the vehicle first before sending the money forget about it. Take the time to read my popular article Internet Car Buying And Selling Tips this is without a doubt the best article ever written about Internet vehicle buying and selling.

Encryped TLS SecurityA word about encryption (https) This websites content is served using HTTPS / TLS Encryption and sent to your web browser where it's decrypted for viewing. This ensures your total privacy. Click for our latest security scan report.

Watch this video to see how fraudsters are operating bank wire transfer scams. We take a close look at an eBay Motors fraudster going by the name of "Rebecca" that is trying to phish a prospective buyer out of $8450 via bank wire transfer. Digging deep into this scam, we reveal the seller's email IP address, the fake eBay protection program's IP, and tie the two together. This is a very educational video.

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