Vladuz IS BACK!!

He Just Logged In To eBay.de Using A Pink Account He Apparently Created Just For Him Self! eBay Is Pulling His Posts But We Got Most Of Them Captured Below!

Here Is The Forum Link (Translated By Google Toolbar) That Will Probably Be Pulled Soon!

Read This Article Just Released By The Auction Guild And This Update On The Register

This Is An Auction Bytes Article Released 02/22/2007 Regarding Hani Durzy's Statement On eBay Security. Here Is Auction Bytes Latest Release. And Here Is A Cool Movie That Will Have You Laughing Your Azz Off.. :)

Updated 04/20/2008: Vladuz Is Busted!

Looks Like He Got Baited By An eBay Employee, Posing As A Scammer Inquiring Into Purchasing One Of His Hacking Utilities! It's Hard To Believe It, But He Gave Up His Residence Address!

Updated 02/24/2007: The Auction Guild Reports Their Site AND Falle-internet.de (translated) Has Been "Black Listed" By Someone.. Hmmmm.. Now Just Who ELSE Could Have Done That Other Than eBay! First They Try "Intimidation Tactics" And If That Don't Work.. Black List The Site! 

Here Are Un-translated Captures Better Clarity But In English And German!

Updated 03/05/2007: eBay Is Under A Massive Hacker Assault!

Updated 03/13/2007: Vladuz Hacks eBay For The 3rd Time!

Updated 03/15/2007:  The Hacking Continues See Screen Shots Here!

Updated 09/28/2007, Vladuz Hacks [email protected] ME Page!

Vladuz Is Right About One Thing.. Durzy Is Full Of Shit!!

It's All About Spinning The Media And The Investors.. If Only They Knew The Truth About "The Dark Side Of eBay!"

And As TAG Notes Said.. "If They COULD Have Fixed This Security Issue, They Would Have By Now" Meaning They Obviously Can't Fix The Problem!

Post Pulling Started Here!

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