Vladuz Screen Captures In German And English..

My Google Translator Mangled The Others, But If You Can't Read German They Do Give You An Idea What The Topic Was Before Vladuz Visited!

Updated 02/24/2007: The Auction Guild Reports Their Site AND Falle-internet.de (translated) Has Been "Black Listed" By Someone.. Hmmmm.. Now Just Who ELSE Could Have Done That Other Than eBay! First They Try "Intimidation Tactics" And If That Don't Work.. Black List The Site! 

Updated 03/05/2007: eBay Is Under A Massive Hacker Assault!

Updated 03/13/2007: Vladuz Hacks eBay For The 3rd Time!

Updated 03/15/2007 The Hacking Continues See Screen Shots Here!

Updated 09/28/2007, Vladuz Hacks [email protected] ME Page!

Below is a re-numbered thread after eBay Censored The Board by Pulling Vladuz's Posts!

This Is eBay's Way Of Protecting You From Fraud On Their Site!

Sweep It Under The Rug, And There Is No Problem!!

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