Updated 09/25/2007, Vladuz Hacks eBay T&S Board Posting Users Personal Info!

Updated 09/28/2007, Vladuz Hacks [email protected] ME Page!

03/15/2007, Vladuz Paid Another Visit To eBay Germany's Discussion Boards Yesterday.

And This Time Used An eBay "Test Account" To Rename To Vladuz-Unleashed.

This Profile Had 1 Feedback And Was A Power Seller, Obviously An Account Made Up By eBay For Testing Purposes!

This Account Had A Karaoke Store Attached To It Also..

Meanwhile The Plot Thickens..

Can eBay Use Their Power To Squash A CNN Interview??

Just How Does An eBay "Test Account" Fall For A Phish Email?  And Has eBay Pink Washed The Post Headers To Grey In An Attempt To Minimize Vladuz Visibility Next Time He Comes Knocking..

Just Makes Me Want To Go.. Hmmmmm???

The Hacking Continues See Screen Shots Here!

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