Updated 09/25/2007, Vladuz Hacks eBay T&S Board Posting Users Personal Info!


These Are Hacking Utilities Alleged To Be Written By The eBay Hacker "Vladuz" At Large Somewhere In Europe.


They Were Uncovered Accidentally When I Was Looking At My Server Logs, And Were Posted In This Thread On One Of The eBay.de's Message Boards. You Can View It Translated Into English Courtesy Of Google.


This One Is Alleged To Be A Connectivity Client, Used To Connect To eBay's Private Intranet In San Jose.



This One Is Alleged To Be The Scam SCO Helper That Sends Out Fake Second Chance Offers.


It Appears To Be A Window Laying Over The Ahab Program. That Is Obviously Monitoring IP Activity On An Item!



This Is Alleged To Be An eBay Customer Service Utility That Somehow Was Sneaked Out Of eBay HQ Back Door!



This Is Alleged To Be The eBay Email Extractor!



This Is A NARU eBay Pink That Posted In The Thread Yesterday That 2 Vladuz eBay Accounts Were Owned By The Same Person.. 


Looks Like They Showed Him To The Door, Or Someone HIJACKED HIS ACCOUNT! !



I Have Read That The eBay Moderators Are Pulling Photos Of These Utilities That Are Posted On Their USA Site, AND Suspending The Posters! So What Ever You Do Don't Post These On The Boards!


It Is Obvious eBay Is In DEEP CRAP!

These Scammers Must Have Infiltrated The San Jose Data Dump Big Time!!


Updated 01/30/2007 Here Is More On Super Hacker Vladuz

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