Look At This eBay Motors Scam Deal! 5 Of These Listings When Clicked On, Re-Direct You To A Phony eBay Sign In Page!

You Enter Your eBay ID And Password! BOOM! The Scammer Has Just Captured Your eBay Login Info! And If Your PayPal Password Is The Same.. Oh My.. Are You In For A Scamming!! Note The Second Screen Capture Below, The URL Is Obviously Not eBay! And Also eBay Does Not Support Microsoft Passport Any Longer!

These Scammers Are Obviously 3 Steps Ahead Of eBay's Sloppy Security Team! But The eBay Investors Are Happy, And So Is Everybody Else At eBay.. Including The Scammers!

Don't Think You Will Ever Hear A Major Media Story About All Of These Scams! The Media Probably Holds eBay Stock, And Will Never Shoot Themselves In The Foot! Sucks Don't It?

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