The Reason behind this page is to point out that Sellers are on thee own dealing with difficult/extorting buyers! Just as Buyers are on there own dealing with a bad seller! eBay considers there selves "Just a Venue" and is no real help when there are problems. Square Trade is a joke as well, They get you for 20.00 and if the mediation gets tough, they just close the case! eBay needs to support there Buyers/Sellers instead of just sticking there head in the sand!

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In August 2003 I sold this 1973 Lincoln Mark IV to eBay User "LINC92" A Really Exceptional Car For Being 30 Years Old!

I Honestly thought he would be happy with such a Gorgeous Car but Oh NO!! 

Below is a capture from the eBay Motors Discussion Board About the problem user I encountered!

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Another One! Im getting sick of this place!
docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 7:08 PM 
My old 73 Mark.. Now i drove this one for a month! It was all original with the exception of the deck lid was painted. Still had the factory stripes on it. This old car looked close to new! In fact looked better than most 10 year old cars! Ran so smooth you could put a glass of wine on the air cleaner without hardly a ripple. These buyers are impossible! Just the one i was 100% sure would be appreciated!


Ed , I got he car today around 1030 Am. Pretty nice but I have to say Im pretty disapointed in the discription . The entire car has been repainted at one point and not the best job. The passanger side door looks like somone took a rake to it , lots of nicks . I believe these should have been disclsoed in your discription. It Itles pretty rough probably needs carborator work. All in, in all I would have rated the care a 6 maybe 7 . A new paint job is going to cost a couple grand . Not sure what Im going to do with it at this point . Not sure what kind of feed back to leave either . Will have to look at you discription again and maybe have it apriased before judging to harshly. xxx

rs69cam777 (209 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 8:01 PM (# 1 of 39) 
"PRETTY NICE"----------"Pretty disapointed"

It was 10:30 A.M and he forgot to take his Medication, But jumped on the PC to type total madness,
It's the only Explanation.



Is this guy walking the streets?


docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 8:14 PM (# 2 of 39) 
I tried to call him but the phone is disconnected. Told him in an email to just send it back, I will pay the shipping both ways!

I sold it too cheap anyway. And i stood by to make sure the driver loaded it properly, even took a last photo of it on the truck and sent it to the buyer letting him know it was on the way.

I go way out of my way to *attempt* to make my buyers happy. I probably only got 1/3 of the feedback i left my buyers. If they are pleased with there purchase you never hear anything from them, not once this year did i get an email telling me how pleased they were with there purchase!

Makes me want to rebuild some old junkers that look good in the photos! Send them nice cars and they never appreciate the cars and my service!


witch_is_me (247 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 8:28 PM (# 3 of 39) 
Hang in there DOC I saw this all the time at the used dealership i worked for back home. Back home population was 180,000 and a lot of farmers who got in trouble with their wives for comeing home with a new toy, and then came up with many excuses to return it. Same thing when i sold New and Used cars here in Denver. It sucked. The car looks great, if ya get it back i'll trade ya for my 75 4dr nova lol it needs paint interior and breaks lol maybe then the people won't complain lol.

4beachballs (69 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 8:31 PM (# 4 of 39) 
DOC, I'd be "fit to be tied" at this point. Let us know what the follow up is, which will be "for XXX$ I will leave you a positive feedback".

Transport damage? Sounds like a tree or straps/chains got the side of it. Check the bill of lading p/u and delivery. I'm not one to blame a reputable transporter but this is clearly the case here, if in fact thruthful. I've hauled plenty of cars and I can tell you that just the bouncing around, especially if hauled inclined, it will shake up sediment in the tank and can cause debris to enter the fuel lines. Tell him to change the fuel filter[s] immediately then call the transporter but since he's apparently accepted delivery [hence releasing transport liabilty] he is liely SOL.

On a side note, I sold my wifes MB last weekend and today I got a phone call from the buyer. The conversation went like this:

"Hi, this is XXXXX, I bought your MB. When I took it in for an inspection it passed with flying colors but on the way home the A/C wasn't working. I took it back to the shop and they said there was no freon and had a major leak, $1100. I know you said you recently had it converted and I'd like to know if there was any warranty?"

I asked him to take in to the shop where I had the work done, I called and made the appointment. I called him back and told him I would meet him there at 2:00. Well, 5 minutes later and after the power to the compressor was plugged back in it again worked perfectly.

Coincidence, I think NOT! I called the guy he took it in to for inspection and gave him a piece of my mind even though he said he did nothing but I know better just by his character on the phone.

I got to shake the buyers hand again and also got a free dinner at his restaurant for my help.

It takes all kinds but the honest will prevail.


shertbert (10 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 8:34 PM (# 5 of 39) 
The car looked pretty darn good to me. This man is just one of the reasons I quit selling on eBay, I've dealt with several like him. No matter what you do to please the buyer, whether it be cars, antiques, or toilet paper, he's gonna find something to bitch about.

The man didn't forget to take his medication, he took too much.

Good luck........

4beachballs (69 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 8:37 PM (# 6 of 39) 
A few posts while I was typing.

"I tried to call him but the phone is disconnected"

I assume you mean the eBay contact info? Let him neg you then get it removed based on that alone.

Take it back? There may be actual damage DOC and the transporter may be to blame. Even though you saw it loaded, you have no idea what can go on in transport.

Be careful, you may get back a real junker.


docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 8:40 PM (# 7 of 39) 
I even took a couple of extra pics for him with it sitting in my yard.. Especially one of the top showing no stains incase the trucker put it on the bottom and an old klunker leaked oil on it!

I'm so dang mad i could Scream!!!!!!!!


4beachballs (69 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 8:44 PM (# 8 of 39) 
"Even though you saw it loaded, you have no idea what can go on in transport."

Let me clarify, I'm not doubting your knowledge rather I'm trying to tell you what kind of crap goes on even with the best transporters.

Car gets transferred to a brokers truck enroute. They take it for a joy ride and beat the hell out of it. I've seen truckers run through a tree line swiping the side of a trailer load full of late model Mercedes. I've seen it all including stalling giving the excuse of truck problems while in actiality the car is at a hack shop getting body repairs done due to transport damages. I've seen swapping of alloy wheels for rims/hubcaps and even swapping out new tires for worn out ones.

While this is NOT the norm, it happens on a daily basis. People want cheap transport and they get what they pay for.


docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 8:54 PM (# 9 of 39) 
BBB, thanks for the info. I have a signed bill of lading with only a small chip on the drivers door noted. The driver was really impressed with it and commented, He stole it for 5K. He also said it was the nicest old collector car he has transported in some time. Told me of a 76 Eldo Conv he brought down from NY some guy paid big money for a total rust bucket with holes in the floor!

I know what i sell especially that car! If it comes back damaged i will deduct the recon costs out of the refund check.


sdg2972 (148 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 9:25 PM (# 10 of 39) 
It is really not my business but honestly, I don’t understand why would this buyer lie about the car being repainted. I used to work in a used car business myself and I can spot a paint job anytime, no matter how good it is or how small it is – if you have a trained eye, you will see the signs right away. This buyer too makes an impression of a person who knows what he is talking about. Of course, most “regular” people would never know if the car was repainted, especially if it was disassembled for the paint job and dealers know that. I have a suggestion. Buyer: borrow a paint thickness-measuring tool somewhere, measure the car’s paint thickness while videotaping it and send the tape to the seller (if the car was repainted, the paint coat will be too thick; clear pictures of the paint might help too if you have a good camera). I think that this will work nicely for the seller too.

I think that the buyer’s e-mail message to the seller was very polite, courteous and straight to the point. I too believe that paint job should always be disclosed (especially here, on eBay when people sometimes buy cars without looking at them). I know that I would never buy a car without being able to inspect it myself.

Feedback is a whole different story altogether – neither buyer nor seller gets my sympathy vote here.

Happy buying and selling to everybody :)

4beachballs (69 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 9:25 PM (# 11 of 39) 
DOC, I think the way to go is selling junk! No seriously, I recently listed/sold 2 "junk" [in my eyes] vehicles. One was a Dodge Shelby Charger that I listed as junk/parts and bidder gave me some troubles throughout the transaction. I finally got paid and the guy drove it home [to Ohio!], against my recommendation, then e-mails letting me know how appreciative he was and leaves me a positive praise feedback [his first feedback left out of 9 transactions/with 4 negs!]. The other was that damn Honda Magna motorcycle that I had a deadbeat on and re-listed. The buyer was from Arkansas which had me nervous buying a parts bike from that far away. He sent the $ overnight and picked it up this past Saturday, an 1800 mile round trip.

He e-mailed today:

"Hey just wanted to let you know that I made it home
> Sunday morning. Slept all day Sunday, worked all
> night on the carbs on it.
> I finally got her back together this afternoon. I
> boosted it from my car and viola. Sounds great.
> Got it running but will take some tlc to get it road
> ready.
> Just wanted to say thanks"

and left me positive praise feedback just minutes ago.

I don't like selling "junk" but it seems that's what people want and those types definately are the best customers [not to mention profitable, $800 on the pair].

Maybe I'll start buying what I consider "junk" and make myself and others happy?

Best of luck DOC and don't take those YOYO's to heart, we know better!

4beachballs (69 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 9:28 PM (# 12 of 39) 
"I don’t understand why would this buyer lie"

LOL!, I needed a good laugh. THANKS!

sdg2972 (148 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 9:45 PM (# 13 of 39) 

I see, so all buyers are scam, all sellers are saints? Maybe so but:

Complaint : offered new st of wheels, wouldn't take them threaten me if i left neg. feedback

Not such a saint yourself, are you?

I still don't understand why would he lie about the paint job (specifically)

4beachballs (69 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 10:05 PM (# 14 of 39) 
"offered new st of wheels, wouldn't take them threaten me if i left neg. feedback"

Yep, I paid for something as advertised [for a friend actually] and he got the wrong wheels for the wrong vehicle and definately not 1st quality. The seller admitted the mistake but insisted he pay to return them + the shipping [not cheap to ship a set of wheels!] on the correct ones and before he sent them to boot! Well, I/we did "threaten" him I guess after not getting thru to the idiot.

I got the charge reversed and he's no longer a seller, end of story.

Don't believe everything you read!

As for DOC, I don't doubt his word for a second!


joguitar (123 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 10:45 PM (# 15 of 39) 
DOC - chin up! For what it's worth, I'm with you on this one. He likes to leave negs and this is a 30 year old car that you described as needing work.


joguitar (123 )(view author's auctions)
08/18/03 10:47 PM (# 16 of 39) 
Albeit - very minor work/TLC...

docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/19/03 4:57 AM (# 17 of 39) 
"It is really not my business but honestly, I don’t understand why would this buyer lie about the car being repainted."

Because a friend said, "That can not be the original paint for 30 years old. It Must have been re-painted".

I am beginning to think the way to do business here is to buy crappy cars, use a cheap camera, take 6 crappy photos and use eBays Ipix feature to make them look even worse, Say they are perfect, get a negative and then give the buyer a retaliatory neg saying the car was perfect!

Think like eBay, Profit before customer satisfaction! The next one will not be that nice!!


4beachballs (69 )(view author's auctions)
08/19/03 6:32 AM (# 18 of 39) 
"I am beginning to think the way to do business here is to buy crappy cars, use a cheap camera, take 6 crappy photos and use eBays Ipix feature to make them look even worse"



I do! I've got a cheap digital camera and I use iPix. I don't however make it sound better, I make it sound worse. I also include photos via e-mail for nearly every serious inquiry, they show up better and larger via e-mail and it usually prompts them to ask for more.


docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/19/03 6:44 AM (# 19 of 39) 
Just like the guy that bought the 76 Eldo Conv for over 12k with holes in the floor boards!

If they are going to complain, might as well give them something legitimate to complain about! And laugh all the way to the Bank!!!


4beachballs (69 )(view author's auctions)
08/19/03 7:19 AM (# 20 of 39) 
"If they are going to complain, might as well give them something legitimate to complain about! And laugh all the way to the Bank!!!"

eBays own motto......



joguitar (123 )(view author's auctions)
08/19/03 7:51 AM (# 21 of 39) 
C'mon guys, you mean Jack Woodworth wasn't happy? LOL... I couldn't resist after seeing a new eBay ad in a magazine.

OT - DOC, we have a user on the music & musicians board that is having trouble with an item from a seller you recently bought from. Your deal was an attache case and the seller already left you feedback. If you have any comments, you might wanna check with OP in this thread -

Hold yer ground on the MARK... Or, get it back in same condition and resale it FOR MORE $$$.

[email protected] 
08/19/03 7:02 PM (# 22 of 39) 
I am reminded of that strange Lincoln quotation:

"You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

Doc - keep in mind post #6

Do it eBay!

eBay Motors

"What's in your driveway?"

docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/20/03 10:17 AM (# 23 of 39) 
This one is the Consumer from Hell! The kind of person that has no business Trading on eBay. I have done everything in my power to please him, Including offering to take the car back. I will not pay him 1000.00 Though!

Looks like a Postal Service Employee posting from a computer at work. No wonder my mail is late! These Government Employees are getting paid to send personal email from work.

Delivered-To: [email protected]
Received: (qmail 6763 invoked from network); 20 Aug 2003 15:18:12 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO (
by with SMTP; 20 Aug 2003 15:18:12 -0000
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 20 Aug 2003 08:26:02 PDT
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 08:26:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: xxxxxx xxxx
Subject: Re: Responce
To: Ed Koon
In-Reply-To: <[email protected]>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="0-1114721729-1061393162=:8559"

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Ed,Did I Did I not have to pay you first before you released the car to me ? You expect me to send this car back to you with out paying for it first im not an Idiot Ed . And I will tell you somthing Else Mr Koon Its in better shape now then when I got it . I replaced the burned out tail light ,waxed it detailed the inside touched up all as many nicks as I could find. I dont know you from Adam I may send this thing back to you and you aplly for a lost title or accuse me of damaging it and I didnt. Do you want to go to court ? I have no problem doing it and I will do it here and you can fly up here to take care of that mess . I wasnt asking for a $1000.00 for possitive feedback cant you figure this out Let me help you . YOU misrepresented an Item (FRAUD) I called you on it your mad . Your going to pay at least $500.00 to get it back there plus the $575.00 I paid , you had it listed for $6999.00 and lowered the price $2000.00. You want it back you pay for it first just like I had to
do . Like I said I will send you the title when I recieve payment the car is yours . Im the legal owner just like you were these are my demands. Failure to this will result in negative feedback and I must tell you I supply my home Phone number on line and tell people to call me COLLECT and I will explain the situation. This is my last e-mail to you about any of this . I will next day the title back to you .You arrange for pick up. You deduct any cost at your end for Money orders and express mailing payment back to me . One other thing remmember when you told me when I was going to fly down there to pick it up ,if it wasnt what I expected you would have paid for my flight home , WELL YOU WOULD HAVE .You have 24 hours before I leave negative feedback , file a fraud complaint through e-bay and start legal proccedings here. MR XXXX

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OrgName: U.S. Postal Service
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OrgTechPhone: +1-800-877-7435
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4beachballs (69 )(view author's auctions)
08/20/03 10:41 AM (# 24 of 39) 
I'd reply as "See you in court" and leave it at that. You have the photos and the bill of lading. You opened a "can of worms" suggesting to take it back. He apparently can't read nor understand terms of sale, typical gov't employee [sorry if I offend anyone but it's true in my opinion]. It's clear he's a fraud and after his touch ups it's NOT in the same condition it was in. Why would someone go through the trouble to wash/wax/touch up something they were unhappy with, you'd think they would want to retain the way in which it was rec'd. A total nut case in my opinion, all talk and no action. Maybe he'll take his medication and come back to reality. I'd report him to the gov't ISP as well for threats, they wont take it lightly.

Good Luck on this one DOC!

joguitar (123 )(view author's auctions)
08/20/03 10:41 AM (# 25 of 39) 
Exact quote - "You want it back you pay for it first just like I had to
do ."

Doesn't that sound like he's accepted delivery? You are not "buying" it back, you are/were attempting to offer a refund. Does Walmart or any retail business give you a refund first but let you bring the item back next week? It's only fair and REASONABLE to expect the merchandise returned in same condition.

It sounds like this one can go on and on... 'Sorry to hear about yer trouble.

docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/20/03 10:58 AM (# 26 of 39) 
My last Neg about 1 1/2 years ago was the same kind of person. We sent him 250.00 if i can recall it correctly for 2 hood support struts and headliner that had a 1 inch snag in it. Gave me a neg the same day he received the check. Bought a 50k mile Cougar for roughly 1/2 of book retail.

The guy with the Jag had some minor concerns and i feel the compensation paid was fair under the circumstance.

But MR XXXX here is clearly out to scam me. Let him give me a neg. I have the photos, auction description, and other professional automobile people that looked at the car as witnesses, one even drove it and offered me a profit that i declined. I will have my attorney file suit for whatever damages he feels is warranted.


rs69cam777 (209 )(view author's auctions)
08/20/03 11:22 AM (# 27 of 39) 
I can't believe this Moron who paid 5K for a 9K car,
And talking about Neg.FB,

It's got to be Embarrassing to leave a Neg. behind 161 Pos FBs from a bunch of happy folks, all from the same Items (cars).

edsel52 (264 )(view author's auctions)
08/20/03 3:38 PM (# 28 of 39) 
ED, I wouldnt worry much about it.I have gone over 300 positives, with 4 negs, and all the negs were on car deals, where the people didnt pay per TOS,or used BIN, then wanted the car brought from Ohio to Mississippi for an inspection to maybe pay for it, etc, etc...The guy you are dealing with is just out for a "free" refund....remember the guy blclassic had that "stole" the Explorer from him by reversing his paypal payment...havent heard anything more on that one...I say to your Mark buyer..."bring it on!"...GOOD LUCK!!!

witch_is_me (247 )(view author's auctions)
08/20/03 5:21 PM (# 29 of 39) 
I'd also remind him since he said he did the touch ups not a body shop, that since he has altered the car itself, and still wants you to take it back he first has to pay to have the paint fixed. many "touch ups" look no where near good, and lessen the value even more. Hmm guess it needs a new paint job now lol.

docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/20/03 5:45 PM (# 30 of 39) 
He has files a Square Trade complaint. In his complaint under the tab "what do you feel the seller should do to resolve this dispute" He is asking for that same 1000.00

It is plain to see what his angle is. If the car was as bad as he said he would return it.


rapparts (956 )(view author's auctions)
08/21/03 4:55 AM (# 31 of 39) 
Good morning!

Ed: I might have missed the answer to this question, because it's still pre-coffee time...BUT:

Did this guy have the car inspected prior to bidding - either personally, or by an inspection service???

If not -- CASE CLOSED.

Maybe it's time for sellers to include the following statement in their auctions:


For the life of me, I still cannot fathom buying a car sight unseen, even if a hundred questions are asked. With all the grief sellers go through - it might be worth weeding out the chaff and sticking with the wheat! JUst one (wo)man's opinion....!


docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/21/03 9:36 AM (# 32 of 39) 
If he wants to file complaints, So can i! :)


From: "Ed Koon"
To: "[email protected]"
Cc: "[email protected]"
Subject: Fw: Responce
Date: Thursday, August 21, 2003 11:14 AM


This person is Harassing and attempting to extort money from me using one of your work stations. Extortion is against the law. This is an Official Complaint, I would like this matter investigated and proper charges filed.

It is my belief that employees should be working on Company / Government time and not using the resources for personal matters.

Message and full headers are below.

Sincerely, Ed Koon
[email protected]

therearenolimits (0 )(view author's auctions)
08/21/03 10:10 AM (# 33 of 39) 

witch_is_me (247 )(view author's auctions)
08/21/03 10:31 AM (# 34 of 39) 
Way to go!

primeautosokc (60 )(view author's auctions)
08/21/03 4:58 PM (# 35 of 39) 
Doc, I assume you know he's NARU now. No need to worry about feedback at least.

docsqualitycars (161 )(view author's auctions)
08/21/03 5:41 PM (# 36 of 39) 
I see that.. Good Riddance! Thanks to eBay, and especially to Ewan :)

Interesting but Mr XXXX has changed his tune. Must have had a butt chewing by the boss.

Ed , I have decided to keep the car none of this is worth it . I will spend the money myself to have it repainted I can do most of the work myself, this is what you get when you bye an item like this without checking out first. Its a beautifully car and and with a little more TLC I will probably make money on it when I sell it . Did not mean for you to feel like I was trying to extort anything from anyone. Ive leaned my lesson . YOU DONT BY CARS OF E-BAY.


[email protected] 
08/21/03 5:46 PM (# 37 of 39) 
Gald to help DOC

Do it eBay!

eBay Motors

"What's in your driveway?"

therearenolimits (0 )(view author's auctions)
08/21/03 10:45 PM (# 38 of 39) 
I betcha it was the disconnected line. Good show doc.

aliz8 (1 )(view author's auctions)
08/22/03 2:19 AM (# 39 of 39) 
IF NOT-CASE CLOSED. Not nearly. What about when the vehicle is 500, 800 or more miles away and may not be the highest bidder?
Example: Earlier this year I bid on seven vehicles(all were 500 and more miles away) of which six of them I was not the highest bidder. If I would have had an inspection co. inspect all seven at $200, or $300, I would have paid $1,400.00 to $2,100.00 or more (if it would have been more then seven vehicles)just on inspections alone. Well, to me, this kind of $$$ is just too much.
I only had two options. Either, buy a car close to me, or trust the seller on the questions I asked.

Updated 02/15/2004 By DOC

Linc92 Sold this car to a gentleman in Norway. Feedback Left Says He Loves It :) 
    Car 100% as described. Exelent transaction. Will buy again AAAAA   Buyer   cadnor ( 32Feedback score is 10 to 49)   Jan-10-04 04:35   2445945456
  Reply by linc92: An excelent buyer Thanks Jon enjoy that great car   Jan-14-04 12:28  

  Positive feedback rating   Thanks Jon Great buyer A+
  Seller   linc92 ( 68Feedback score is 50 to 99)    Jan-14-04 12:31   2445945456  
  Reply by cadnor: Thanks..The best old car I have ever had. Better than described and we love it +++    Mar-13-04 01:27

Below is Mostly MY Original Description, And MY Photos taken at the now closed MCI Call Center in Pinellas Park Florida!

Vehicle Description

Needs Some Very Minor TLC To Be A 10! But Is A Solid 9 All Day Long! It Is All Original With The Exception Of The Deck Lid Has Been Painted. Original Top In Excellent Condition!  It Has Been Serviced By The Local Lincoln Dealer Since New! All The Belts, Hoses, Etc, Look To Be Excellent! Cooling System Is Mint With Fresh Antifreeze! And The Air Will Freeze You Out! I Am Confident You Could Fly Here And Drive This Baby Home With No Problems! I bought this car from a Florida Dealer . The Car is is fantastic condition for a 30 year old car. I have not seen one in this condition The engine has been detailed and the back seet looks like it has never been sat in. The drivers side seat shows some normal wear but has no holes or rips. Tires are in good shape with only about 40 % wear I would say. The two interior arm rest of a couple of cracks But I have been told you can find them from a parts store that carries them. The Clock even still works and keeps perfect time.

Vehicle Condition

This 1973 Lincoln Mark IV Was Just Traded On A New Cadillac,I was told by the Dealer I bought the car from. They Tell Me The Retiree Owner Was 91! And Had To Have One Last New Car! It Is A 1 Owner!! And In Unbelievable Condition! EVERYTHING Works Including The Clock And Radio Antenna! I Have Been Driving It For Close To 4 Months Now And What An Attention Getter It Is! 

Terms of Sale

I am offering this car at a NO RESERVE price thats right NO RESERVE. When the bidding is over its yours. Full payment is due within ten days at the close of Auction.I will except Postal Money Orders ,Certified Bank Check or Cash. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY. Shipping is the resposibility of the byer.


On Dec-02-03 at 16:01:07 PST, seller added the following information:

Just thought I might add the car has new exhaust , shocks . plugs , wires. Car has also been completly rust proof undercooted. When you look under the car its black , NOT RUSTY. There is no rust on the car anywear that I can see. I also have other PICS that can be e-mailed apon request.





Below is an email i received after contacting the buyer in LINC92's Auction, And some photos he took of the car in Norway. 


Hi Doc
I recived the car friday and it is just such a baby we all want. It runs very nice, the ride is exelent and the condition of the car is to my liking.
I have however found rust under the vinylroof covering in the lower left corner of rearwindow. It has been there a while. That is a shame in such a nice car.
The color is so wrong here in Norway , so I really love it for this . It is so American in style.
This car is a keeper in my collection of cars. I will sell of my 74 Mark4 Golden Luxury Group.
`Do you think the old gentleman that owned the car is still around. I would love to have some photos and history from the years he had it.
Car will be displayed at an big indoor carshow here at the 17-18 of april, and I will make some display telling the story of the car.
What cars do you have for sale at the moment?
Enclosing some photos of the car taken this friday  in the Port of Drammen . 
Stay in touch
Best Regards
Jon Grasto


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LINC92 An eBayer That Really Sucks!!

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