Well Lookie Here..

It Looks Like eBay IS NOT Automatically Refunding FEES To Sellers Whose Account Was Hijacked And Used By Scammers To List Fraudulent Auctions!

Making Money Off Of Victims Of Fraud, On Their Sloppily Programmed Data Dump Is Just Plain Sleazy! No Wonder They Refuse To Admit There Is A Fraud Problem, And Refuse To Put Security Measures In Place To Prevent It! They Are Profiting From Fraud!!

I Have Heard This Before A long Time Ago On The eBay Motors Discussion Board, Where eBay Members Who Had Their Accounts Hijacked To List Vehicles On, (AT 40.00 EACH) Were Given The Run Around By eBay Not Wanting To Loose That Money, And Were Pressuring The Member To Pay It! And This Retired US Army Sergeant eBay Was Intimidating To Pay For Fees He Did Not Incur! 

Doc Thinks This Really Sucks! Just How Much More Sleazy Can This Company Get??  It's All About The Bottom Line, And These Non Refunded Fees Will Help Pump Up Q1's Numbers! Meanwhile eBay Execs Are Exercising Their Stock Options, While The Pump And Dump On Wall Street Is Going Full Speed Ahead!    

The Below Thread Is Here, But I Wouldn't Doubt It If eBay Pulls It Soon!

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