The Vladuz Hacking Of eBay Continues!

Since He First Hacked eBay Germany In February, Vladuz Has Been Leaving His Mark On eBay Listings By Adding This Scam Buy It Now Contact Email To Thousands Of Auctions!


He First Used Text That Was Easily Searchable, But Lately In An Attempt To Hide His Scams Is Using An Image With A Linked Google E-mail Address! And Has Used Hundreds Of Different Ones So Far! Note His Signature (Lower Left Corner Below) "Zudalv" Is  Vladuz Spelled Backwards!

These Hacks Are Done At Random, Lately Around The Same Time Every Day, And Appear As If He Is Plucking eBay Sellers Accounts Out Of A Database Using Some Kind Of Search Criteria! Anyone's Auction Is At Risk Of Being Hacked!

eBay Stands Fast To Their Claim All He Did Was Compromise One Of Their Employee Email Servers, But Doc Thinks That Is Pure eBay BS! There Is Obviously A Hacker, Or Judging From What I Have Seen So Far, Many Hackers Gaining Access To eBay's Data Dump! There Is Just Too Much Damage Being Done For Just One Hacker!

Possibly Vladuz Is Doing This To Advertise His eBay Hacking Tools For Other Scammers To Purchase! As Well As Scamming American "Sheep" As The Romanians Call Us USA Suckers! Meanwhile, eBay Is Intimidating Web Hosts And Black Listing Websites That Are Reporting Vladuz's Adventures Within Their Network! This Blog By Is A Good Depiction Of The Battle Between eBay And Vladuz!

And As I Previously Reported, eBay Removed The Marketplace Safety Tips From The Below Listing! Meg Whitman Must Not Care If People Are Scammed On Her Website!

I Have Screen Shot Many Of These Hacks And Have Placed Them In This Folder By Date Of The Hack, You Can Access Them From This Page!

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