03/11/2007, eBay Apparently Has Given Rob Chesnut's Fraud Fighters The Weekend Off, Or Are They Still In Romania Hunting For Vladuz?? One Thing IS For Sure, They Are Not Taking The Scam Listings Down!

This One Seller (There Are Many More As Well) That Is NARU Has 12 Scam Cars Up For Sale, And They have Been Up For 29 Hours As Of This Posting! How Many Innocent eBay Buyers Will be Sucked Into This Cleverly Baited Trap???

It Is Common Knowledge That Scammers Love The Weekends On eBay Motors (And The Rest Of eBay) Because Nobody Is Minding The Store, As Evidenced By The Below Medved Chart! Notice The Grey Areas (Weekends) Where The Listings Stay Up, Versus The Rest Of The Week When eBay Takes Them Down, Only To Be Added Again!

This Scam Listing Is Especially Dangerous Because Clicking Anywhere On The Listing Brings Up An Off Site Contact Seller Form Mail Hosted In Romania Somewhere!

The Old Style The Scammers Used Just Brought Up Your Email Client!  But This One Could Plant A key Logger Or Something Else Dangerous On Your Computer!!

One Thing Is For Sure.. There IS FRAUD On eBay, And Lots Of It!! But eBay Is Keeping You Safe By Removing The Fraud Warnings From The Listing Pages!

While Catherine England, eBay's New Media Spinner, Who Apparently Replaced Loni Durzy, After He Got Caught In A Big Lie, Might Have Some Excuse For This, Doc Thinks It Is Not Acceptable! With All The Mega $$$ eBay Is Making, They Can Afford The Weekend Staffers To Remove These Scam Listings!

And Here Is How They Are Doing It!

Below Is A Snippet Of eBay Code Accessed By Viewing The Page Source.

The Scammers Are Linking To An Off Site Contact Us Page, Using One Of eBay's Tracking Images, (s.gif) And Stretching It Over The Listing Page! This Image Is Transparent, And Usually Only 1 Pixel In Size, It Is Used To Track Site Visitors And Is Invisible Due To Its Color And Size!

eBay Could Simply Change It's Color To Red, Blue, Or Any Other Color, And Put A Stop To This Abuse Of Their Resources, But They Refuse To Do So!

And For What It Is Worth, I have Been Seeing This Done For Better Than A year Now! So It's Not Like They Don't Know About It!!

This Is The Site It Brings Up!

Note My MacAfee Site Advisor Is Yellow, Meaning Use Caution When Using This Website!

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