03/09/07, The eBay Internal Redirect Listings Scams Continue On eBay Motors!

Meg Whitman Recently Spoke At An Internet Security Conference Claiming Scams Are Hurting Business, And Was Meeting With Undisclosed Law Makers To Discuss The Situation.. And Urged Other Companies To Control Scammers Use Of Their Services, But She Apparently Has Not Started Cleaning Her Own Company Up!

Doc Thinks She Should Practice What She Preaches And Start Cleaning Her Data Dump Up, Instead Of Spinning The Media And Wall Street About "The Magic Of eBay!"

This Us-Cert Advisory Was Issued 04/02/2006 By The Federal Government, Advising Of Phishing Redirect Scams on eBay. Click HERE For More Info!

We Have Reported This Redirect Scam Twice Last Year, 10/21/06 And 11/15/06. So It Is Nothing New!  The Way It Works Is Like This, The Scammers List An Auction With An Embedded Redirect Meta Tag, As soon As eBay's Listing Page Is Accessed, That Redirect Tag Sweeps You Off To The Scammers eBay Look Alike Website!

This One Had A Clear Image File Stretched Over The Listing, With An Email Link Activated By Clicking Anywhere On The Listing Page! This Also Is Nothing New, It's Been Done For A Good Year That I Know Of!

Look At The URL's Shown In The Browser Window Below And You Can See The Fake Website's URL! And Here Is A Scammers "Complete eBay Phish Kit" That Is Used In Conjunction With This Scam!

eBay HAS To Know About This SECURITY VULNERABILITY But Chooses Not To Fix It! Meanwhile Scammers and Hackers Continue To Pillage The Community!! See This Blog On Firemeg.com Where A Romanian Scammer Posted A Bunch Of Sensitive User Information On eBay's Trust And Safety Discussion Board, Including Credit Card Numbers, And Bank Account Information!

It's Only A Matter Of Time Before This Company Implodes, And Meg And Her Motley Crew Abandon Ship To Live The Good Life On The Billions They Have Already Made, While The eBay Sellers Are Busy Picking Up The Pieces Of What Was Once Their Business And Lives!  

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