It's Late Wednesday Night 03/07/2007, And The Scams Continue To Be Listed On eBay Motors!

I Have Been Watching The Medved Chart For Today's Listings, And See It Shows A Gradual Decline In Listings For Most Of The Afternoon, And Early Evening. There Was No Data After About 05:00 EST, And Just Now It Shows A Slow Steady Decline. Doc Finds That Quite Interesting! Is eBay Manipulating The Data That Is Fed To These Charts??

With All The Intimidation eBay Did When Vladuz First Hacked eBay Germany, I Wouldn't Put Anything Past Them!

I Guess We Will Have To See What Tomorrows Data Shows!

In These Scam Listings Below That I Just Plucked From eBay Motors, I See The SCAM WARNING Image Is Absent From The Page Footer!

eBay Motors Is Under Re-construction.

Many Of The Regular eBay Motors Message Board Posters, And Many That I Have Never Seen Post Before Say IT SUCKS! eBay Is Planning On Rolling Out This White Elephant Around Spring Time This Year, And Has Chosen A Certain Percentage Of Users That Can See It When Logged In, And Is Using Them As Alpha Or Beta Testers!

Unfortunately I Have Not Seen It Yet, Since eBay Has Suspended My Accounts, But It Must be A Real Challenge To Navigate! As A Matter Of A Fact Ole "Professor Griff" The Dean Of eBay Education Prepared A Tutorial On How To Use It! Geeeeeezzzzz!

Anyway.. The Below Screen Captures Show The New eBay Motors Page Footers, Without The Scam Warning The Previous Ones Had! That's Really Considerate Of eBay To Conveniently Forget To Include Warnings For Unwary Site Visitors That They Are About To Get SCAMMED On These Listings! But I Guess eBay's Legal Team Has Covered Their Azz's By Placing Disclaimers In The Listings That Holds eBay Harmless If Someone Gets Scammed! After All.. They Are Just A Venue!

And BTW.. The Bright Blue, Place Bid And Buy Now Buttons, Are Part Of The New eBay Motors Look, And Are Legitimate!

Note The Sloppy Centering Of The (Place Bid) Button Text! A High School Student With A Paint Program Could Have Done Better!

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