It's Sunday Morning 03/04/2007 And The Scams Continue!

The Scammers Love eBay On The Weekends!! Apparently Meg And Company Are Too Cheap To Hire Weekend Staff To Fight This Fraud!

The Medved Charts Below Tell The Story Well!

In This Chart You Can See The Huge Spike In Listings Between The 14th And 15th Of February. Then Note The Chart When eBay Started Pulling Them. It Continues Into March Below!

It Appears That The Scams Pump The Numbers Up Quite A Bit, And Doc Wonders If eBay Is Using These Scams To Fluff Their Q1 Reports?? Guess We Will Find Out Soon Enough!

Click The Lower Chart For More Stats!

Note The Weekend's On These Charts, Indicated By The Gray Areas, Notice The Scam Listings Are Staying Up Longer During This Period.

It Has Been Said That eBay Has A Skeleton Staff On Weekends, These Charts Do Suggest A Lack Of Staff During That Time Period! And I Have Observed For Many Years That Scam Listings Stay Up Longer On Weekends!

One Thing Is Quite Obvious, eBay Has Not Cured This Problem, And Is Lying About Their System Security! They Wouldn't Know How To Be Truthful If It Bit Them In The Buttocks!

Did You See This Article MSNBC Did On Vladuz Hacking eBay? 425 Comments From Their Readers In Less Than 24 Hours!

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