It's Thursday Morning And The Scam Listings By NARU Sellers Continues!

eBay's PR Spinner Hani Durzi Commented On The Vladuz Incident In This Auction Bytes Article  But As Usual Spinned It Around Saying The Breach was On A Separate eBay Server Holding Users Email Addresses!

It Is Doc's Opinion That Durzy Is Full Of *hit! He Only Discussed The Vladuz Incident, And As Usual Did Not Comment On All The Hijacked Accounts, And NEW Accounts Where The Users Are NARU And Listing These Scam Cars! eBay Has NOT Fixed A Very Apparent Security Problem!

Also Take A Look At These Two Scam Vehicles.. It Is Apparent That There Are 2 Different Scammers Listing These Cars, You Can Tell By The MO Of The Listing Style!

ALSO.. Another Gripe I Have Had With eBay For Several Years Is The Ability For Someone To List A Vehicle With An Invalid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If You Look At The Nissan Murano Below The Scammer Has 17 1's Where The VIN Should Be! A Properly Programmed System Would Use A VIN Decoder And Reject The Listing If It Was Invalid!

This Is Just Further Proof Of Incompetent eBay Programming!  Also Check Out How These Scammers List An Item, Then Come Back To Revise It Later! I Have Seen This Practice for At Least 3 Years Now!

Meanwhile eBay Members Are Getting Screwed And eBay Is Making Big $$$ With Little Regard To Anyone Other Than Wall Street!!

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