This Appears To Be A Scammer Special On eBay Motors!


The Scammers Are Trying To Disguise Their Fraudulent Listings By Not Screaming Out The Usual "BUY ME FOR $6400.00 USD WITH FREE SHIPPING!"


Another Interesting Tidbit Is, The REPORT ITEM LINK At The Bottom Of The Listing Page Is BROKEN And Has Been For A WEEK That I Know Of! Is eBay So Overloaded With Reports Of Bogus Listings That They Had To Disable The Link??


You Have To Do Your Homework FIRST Before Buying A Car On eBay! Fortunately For This Buyer He Did Ask If It Was A Scam Before Getting Suckered!


If You See A Vehicle That Interests You, And Suspect It Is A Scam, Or Just Want Advice, Go To The EBMDG And Ask In The Forums What The Others Think! There Are A Lot Of Helpful eBay Members That Frequent The Board, And If The Item Is Close Enough Someone Probably Will Volunteer To Go Inspect It For You!


eBay Was Built On TRUST And COMMUNITY.. Too Bad They Don't Preach What It Was Founded On!!







If You Want To Buy It, It Will Cost A Little Bit More! :)


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