Here Is What Appears To Be Another Scam Site Set Up To Bilk eBay Buyers! This Site Forwards HTTP Port 80 Requests Over To  So It Looks Fairly Legitimate If Someone Punches It Into A Web Browser!

An eBay Member Posted On The EBMDG If This Was A Safe Way To Pay? This Was Reported To eBay At That Time!

[email protected]
2jzowi  (1 ) View Listings            | Mar-27-05 16:35 PST
Is that a real way to pay for something on ebay? Does ebay really protect the purchase or is there no such thing?

Thank you,

After A Quick Domain Whois Lookup, The Site Was Created On 03/05/2005 And Has Been Blacklisted For Spam 4 Times Already!

It Is Parked At Go Daddy, And Apparently Has Email Enabled With Web Forwarding, That Is Pointing It Over To Square Trade! More Than Likely Set Up With a Stolen Credit Card!!

I Spent 30 Minutes On Hold To Go Daddy's Support Dept (toll call) And Gave Up Trying To Get A Person To Report This To.. But Gave Up!

Placed Calls
Mar 31, 2005  09:21 AM 

After That I Emailed [email protected]  They Opened The Tagged Email On 04/04/2004 But Apparently Did Nothing! As The Site Is Still Active As Of This Update 04/06/2004

81% probability that this location is accurate
To  [email protected] 81% probability that this location is accurate
From  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent on  31-Mar-05 at 11:00:12am 'US/Eastern' time
1st Open
 4-Apr-05 at 18:45:17pm   -4:00 (81%) Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Opened 4-Apr-05 at 18:45:17pm (UTC -4:00)   -   4days7hours45mins5secs after sending
Location Scottsdale, Arizona, United States (81% likelihood)
Opened on (
Language of recipient's PC: en-us (English/United States)
Browser used by recipient: Moz/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; WinNT 5.1; SV1)
Summary   -   as at 4-Apr-05 at 18:45:35pm (UTC -4:00)   -   4days7hours45mins23secs after sending
Total Opened 1 time by 1 reader

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   31760 HEES ST.
   LIVONIA, Michigan 48150
   United States

Registered through: a Dime a Dozen
      Domain Name: SAFEGUARD-EBAY.COM
      Created on: 05-Mar-05
      Expires on: 05-Mar-10
      Last Updated on: 05-Mar-05

   Administrative Contact:
      GOROG, FRANKLYN  Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by Whois Source
      31760 HEES ST.
      LIVONIA, Michigan 48150
      United States
      (734) 421-3512

Technical Contact:
      GOROG, FRANKLYN  Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by Whois Source
      31760 HEES ST.
      LIVONIA, Michigan 48150
      United States
      (734) 421-3512

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If You Receive A Suspicious Looking Email From Someone Claiming To Be eBay, Report It To eBay At: [email protected] You Can Also Do A Who Is Lookup? On The Domain Part Of The Message "(".

Sites Like This Are Being Used To Send Fraudulent Second Chance Offers To eBay Under-bidders! So Be Very Aware Of That Scam!!

Be Safe Trading Online!!   Scammers Are Everywhere!!!

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