The Buy Now Bandits Are Still Victimizing eBay Sellers!


We First Uncovered This "Root Name Scam" In November 2004 Where Scammers Were Setting Up 10 Accounts With The Same Root Name And Burning The Accounts Up One At A Time!


They Then Browse Vehicle Listings Looking For Mostly Private Sellers That Hopefully Haven't Heard Of Their Scam, And Click The BUY NOW Button!


The Way The Scam Works Is, They Make Contact With The Seller And Send A Bogus Cashiers Check For Over The Purchase Amount, Then Get The Seller To Western Union The Overage To Their Shipper! Unfortunately For The Seller A Week Later The Check Comes Bouncing Back With The Seller Out The $$$ They Wired To The Scammer!


Ina Steiner Also Wrote This Article About The Same Time Exposing This Scam And eBay Supposedly Put Safeguards In Place To Stop This Behavior! But Nearly 2 YEARS LATER It Is Still Going On!!


Don't Let eBay Fool You! They Are In The Business Of SELLING STOCK! It's A Numbers Game To Them! It Costs 40.00 To List A Car On eBay Motors, Plus Any Featured Fees, And A 40.00 Final Value Fee (Now Called A Transaction Service Fee, To Get Away Without Having A Dealers License.)


These Bandits Cost A Seller All But The 40.00 TSF, And Then Have To Weed Through The Buried Web Forms To Find The Unpaid Item Dispute And Play The Waiting Game To Get That Reimbursed! Meanwhile eBay Suggests The Seller Re-list And Pockets Another 40.00 Plus!


In One Of These Articles We Published A Seller Got Hammered 5 Times In A Row And Gave Up!


eBay Is Making Money Hand Over Fist And Could Care Less About These Banditos! They Are Getting FAT At Their Sellers Expense While Hyping To Wall Street Just How Good eBay Is Doing!

YEA MAN.. They Love This Criminal Activity!!


I Knew This Check Was Bogus, But Ran It Through My Account So It Would Be A Certified Bogus Check! And Later Sold It On eBay For 23.00!

You Really Can Sell ANYTHING On eBay.. Question Is.. Will You Get Paid??? :)


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