Updated 09/25/2007, Vladuz Hacks eBay T&S Board Posting Users Personal Info!


This Vladuz Hacker Appears To Have Cracked An eBay "Pinks" Account!


Lets Face It, No eBay Employee Would Fall For a Spoof Email And Give A Scammer His Password! I Had Noticed These Posts Yesterday 01/29/2007 And Noticed They Had Been Pulled Later On In The Day.. And Later Noticed The Pink Had Became NARU.


Guess I Didn't Read The First One Thorough Enough To See That Vladuz Had Hijacked The Pinks Account! But I Thought It Was Strange A Pink Would Disclose Such Information..


Just Who Is Vladuz?? Must Be A Super Hacker! Or eBay's Security Is An Absolute Joke! I Am Betting On The Later.. They Must Be Running Around Like Rats In San Jose Crying Out "What Can We Do??"


I Believe eBay Has Known About This Security Breach For Some Time Now, How Many More Buyers And Sellers Are Going To Get Scammed Before eBay Secures It's System??


You Can Read This Thread On eBay.de Translated Into English By Google. There Are Many Interesting Links Posted, And It Is Up To 17 Pages So Far!


Here Is Another Article On This Hack


Lets See Meg Whitman Spin This One Around!   


Updated 02/18/2007: It Appears eBay.uk Is Under Attack! See This Article!


Updated 02/22/2007: Vladuz Is Back! Just Created A PINK Account And Logged Into eBay.de!


Updated 03/05/2007: eBay Is Under Another Massive Assault!


Updated 03/13/2007: Vladuz Hacks eBay For The 3rd Time!


Updated 03/15/2007 The Hacking Continues See Screen Shots Here!


Vladuz Post To Trust And Safety Forum


Vladuz Post To Trust And Safety Forum


Vladuz Post To Trust And Safety Forum


Vladuz Post To Trust And Safety Forum


Falle-internet.de Vladuz Post Info


Falle-internet.de Vladuz Post Info


Updated 02/01/2007 The Above Screen Shot Was Posted On Our Discussion Board By An Anonymous Poster.


It Sure Appears That Hackers Are Able To Pick And Choose ANY eBay Account They Want To Exploit!. Passwords Should Be Encrypted And Not Visible To Anyone! Even On This Board I Am Unable To View User Passwords!


eBay Data Security Sure Appears To Suck!!


Falle-internet.de Vladuz Post Info



Falle-internet.de Vladuz eBay Post Info

Updated 02/04/2007 I Just Noticed That A Google And Yahoo Search For "[email protected]" Or "eBay Employee Hacked"  Returned Mostly Zip, Where Yesterday Morning They Both Brought Up Several Pages Of Interesting Stories Of eBay Getting Hacked, This Page Was The First One To Come Up! Now It Is Not Even Indexed!


I Did Find The Above Page On Falle-internet.de Dated 02/01/2007 Where Vladuz Apparently Hacked Another eBay Employees Account! And This One On eBay.com's Trust And Safety Board Indicating There Is More To This Than Just People Falling For Spoof Emails!


I Find All Of This Quite Interesting.. Something Is Obviously Rotten In San Jose! The Power Of $$$ And eBay's Legal Team (Obviously Working Over Time On This) Can Manipulate Search  Results, And Sweep All Kinds Of Dirt Under The Rug!


eBay Watching DOC Instead Of The Hackers!


Here's Another Fine Example Of eBay Waste Of Resources And Time!


They Are Busy Harvesting My Web Pages, Instead Of Using Their Resources To Track Down The Scammers!!


Yea I Could Easily Block Them Out, Just Like They Could Block Out The Scammers.. But Let Them Play Their Little Game.. While The Scammers Wreak Havoc On The Community!


They Will Probably Try To Screw With Me Because It Makes Them Feel Like They Are Accomplishing Something, And I Am Easier To Find Than The Scammers. Guess They Call That "Job Security" In San Jose!


Meanwhile, I Wonder Where Vladuz Will Pop Up Next?


Updated 02/05/2007 Just Received This In An Email.


Hi Doc!

To the vladuz-story!

I found out how he could post as a pinkliner!

Here vladuz was searching for a programmer for e firefox-Plugin, which would report him eBay-Accounts if eBay-employees would test the plugin too! (The plugin connected (now not any more) to a Dyn-DNS-romanian server)



Mozilla.org still lists this plugin and a lot of websites linked to this plugin cause the found it very useful. (because it translates the "captcha")


I am sure that vladuz got eBay-employee-logins with this plugin and that the posted snapshots were found in emails of this logins etc!




So My Suggestion Is.. IF You Have Installed This "Vladuz" Firefox Browser Extension/Plug In Remove It ASAP! Better Yet.. Remove Firefox Completely And Re-Install It! And Change Your eBay And PayPal Passwords Immediately! I Also Recommend Lavasoft's Ad Aware SE Personal Edition To Scan For Spyware! It's FREE And Works Great!


But Somehow I Have A Feeling There Is Much More To This Story Than A Browser Plug In! Otherwise eBay Wouldn't Be So Busy Sweeping All This Under The Rug! Something Is Indeed Stinking To High Heaven In San Jose!


Also See This Article Posted On The Auction Guild Website.  And If You Have Any Information To Add To This Topic.. Please Post It On Our Discussion Board By Following The Below Link.


Updated 02/18/2007: It Appears eBay.uk Is Under Attack! See This Article!


Updated 02/19/2007: This Intimidation Tactic By eBay Is Making Me See RED! eBay is attempting to intimidate the web host and publisher of www.falle-internet.de over trumped up copyright infringement and trademark issues! (something eBay should have learned a lot about by now) And had the Unmitigated Gaul to use the FBI (which has No Jurisdiction in Germany) in their intimidation tactics! 


Doc thinks this is really a "Low Blow" And just shows that there is much more to this Vladuz Incident than they will admit!


Scott Noyce eMail to Fall-internet.de Web Host Using FBI as Intimidation Method


Updated 02/22/2007: Here Is An Excellent Article on www.firemeg.com Be Sure To Read It!


Also, I Have Received Emails Claiming The Vladuz Fire Fox Plug In Is Safe To Use Because It No Longer Connects To The Romanian Server.. I Do Not Intend On Damaging The Programmer's Reputation That Vladuz Hired To Write It, But Just Published What I Have Heard. Anyone Who Has More Information On This Plug In Please Add It Here.


Updated 02/22/2007: Vladuz Is Back! Just Created A PINK Account And Logged Into eBay.de!


Falle-internet.de Vladuz Post Info


Updated 02/24/2007: The Auction Guild Reports Their Site AND Falle-internet.de (translated) Mentioned Above,  Has Been "Black Listed" By Someone.. Hmmmm.. Now Just Who ELSE Could Have Done That Other Than eBay! First They Try "Intimidation Tactics" And If That Don't Work.. Black List The Site! 


US-CERT.GOV Scroo Site Scripting Warning About eBay INC

Vladuz Hacks eBay Trust And Safety Forum


Vladuz Hacks eBay Trust And Safety Forum


Personally Speaking.. I Do Not Condone Illegal Activity.. BUT Vladuz Has Brought All This "Dirty eBay Laundry" Out In The Open, So We Can All See The "Dark Side Of eBay" And I Think That Is A Good Thing!



Darth Vader, The Force Be With You DOC!


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