I Feel Sorry For This Guy When He Realizes Someone Is Hooking Scams On His eBay Account!

Lets See Here.. 14 Cars @ $40.00 Each = $560.00! It Appears Who Ever Took Over This Account Didn't Give The Listings eBay's "Pro Pack" At 29.95 Per Listing.. But $560.00 Is A Lot Of Money To Most Everyone!

eBay Will Bill What Ever Method Of Payment Is On File For This Seller! If The True Account Holder Discovers This Scam In Progress Before His Billing Cycle Period He Might Get The Charges Reversed.. Otherwise eBay Will Get Paid And It Will Take An Act Of Congress To Get His Money Back!

It Is Doc's Opinion That eBay Is Only Interested In Getting Paid! And That Is The Reason These Scams Continue On! Lets Face It.. eBay Loves This Kind Of Activity, Scam Listings Help Pump Up The Numbers, And Keep Wall Street Investors Happy! Sooner Or Later This "Pump And Dump" Practice Will Catch Up With Them.. 

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