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Doc sez.. Cover Your ASS!! There are some very good deals to be found on eBay Motors, and elsewhere on the net but you MUST do your homework first to come out a winner!

This website features early used car scams and dishonest seller observations. Later material is located on our blog. Doc's original phpBB forum has many interesting eBay-related topics from the old days when the net was young. Doc's video server has an assortment of vehicle-specific fraud awareness videos and other website info. In all an 18 year archive of automotive related observations!


This website secured with tls security and deep scanned nightly Back in the beginning when eBay was all about Community and not totally Corporate as it has become in the past few years, the greatest majority of sellers were honest and adhered to the theme the site stood for.  It was rare to get ripped by a bad seller and eBay booted the bad element out right away. Nowadays it's all about collecting those $$$ And hiding behind the disclaimer "we are only a venue" eBay is NOT Liable for any transaction on their site.


I have been seeing an increasing number of posts on eBay's Motors Discussion Board where sellers are being accused of misrepresenting vehicles. That extra nice Ma & Pa New Car Trade was nothing more than a Puffed Up Old Clunker set up for photographing.

Bart Simpson Sez: Inspect An Internet Car Before Sending Money!


It is important to thoroughly check out a seller and the vehicle before purchasing online!


Use to quickly scan for Negative & Neutral Feedback, Including those Negative Comment's that was Removed by eBay for a fee! Here is a GOOD EXAMPLE!


eBay does not verify whether a seller is licensed or not, much less verify their financial ability to properly do business on the site. Sellers are going out of trust and are selling cars but not paying off the auctions or floor plan. Before forking over any doe get a faxed copy of both sides of the title, AND a copy of their Dealers License that should match any reassignments on that title.


Documentation of a redirect URL scam in narrated screen recorded video. Fraudsters plant bait cars at unreasonably low prices on marketplaces. When the prospected buyer clicks or taps on the listing they are swept away to the fraudsters trap.


It is also advisable to have an inspection company check the vehicle out. Or even better yet, try to buy local or within driving distance, and DO NOT hand over any $$$ until you have verified the seller "Has Title" to the vehicle, and had it checked out by a qualified service facility.


Also carefully read the eBay Buyer Protection Program. Also most important is the Eligibility And What Is NOT COVERED! There are a lot of common situations that are not covered!


Have a look around this site and familiarize yourself with the various scams plaguing used automobile buyers! It is a good education before going vehicle shopping oline.

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