Here Is A Fairly New Slick Scammer Trick!


Looking Over Tonight's Mother Load Of eBay Motors Scams This 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Caught My Eye... So I Clicked The Link To See It..



In A Blink Of An Eye I Thought I Noticed A Flash Of Something, So I Clicked Back To The List Of Scams..


Here Is The Real Scam eBay Listing I Screen Captured Before Being Re-Directed!



What Was Happening Was, The Scammers Were Re-Directing Me Off To Another Website Made Up To Look Like eBay Motors.. 



Here Is The SCAMMERS Website With The Same Vehicle Listed!


Note The Item Numbers AND The Sellers Above Are Different In Both Captures! Also Note The URL Line Showing "" Website As The Host!!!


This Makes It Nearly Impossible To SEE The False Listing And Report It! These Scammers Are Really Slick!!


Don't Fall For A Deal That Just Seems Too Good To Believe! And Never Use WESTERN UNION To Pay A Stranger!!!



And HERE Is How It Is Being Done.. Using A Simple HTML Embed Code, The Above Line Is Loading A Flash Animation File (SWF) Written To Re-Direct The Page Viewer Elsewhere!


Apparently This Scammer Bumbled His HTML Code Leaving The Line Visible And Inactive!


Pasting The Below Line Of Code Into My Browser Gave Me This 403 Forbidden Error!

The Scammers Must Have My IP Blocked!





Here Are The Scammers Flash Files Sitting On A Free Photo Bucket Account!


This One


Sent Me Here!





This Realistic Looking Listing IS NOT ON EBAY!!!  And The Item # Is Invalid!



Malicious Sites Like The Above Can Set COOKIES, TROJANS And KEY LOGGERS On Your Computer! 





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