Some Things On eBay Motors Never Change!

This Is The Old Nigerian Cash Back Scam! The Way It Works Is, Scammers Set Up Multiple eBay Root Accounts And Start E-mailing Sellers The Below Message! They Want To Send You A Forged Cashiers Check For Over The Purchase Amount, Having You Send $$$ By Western Union, Supposedly To Their Shipper! Then A Week To 10 Days Later The Phony Check Comes Bouncing Back! The Victim Is Out Whatever They Sent By Western Union! So BEWARE Of This Scam!!

They Just Burn The Accts Up One At A Time, Sellers Notify eBay Of A Scammer, eBay NARU's Just That Acct! They Never Look To See If There Are Other Accts, As You Can See Below!

This Shenanigans Has Been Going On For 3 Years That I Know Of! eBay Could Block Romania And Other Scammer Harboring Country's From Accessing The Site, But Chooses Not To!

Refusing To Rid The Community Of Scammers Is Making eBay an Accomplice To The Fraud Being Perpetrated On eBay Members!!


Hello seller, I am an automobile agent base in ireland and i am intrested in purchaseing of this item on behalf of my client mr mike jones ,i will like to restate my self cleally before making you accept a usps postal money order or cashier check ?will you be able to send the excess fund back to the shipping company in united kindon for the arrangement of the shipment of the item after you must have cash the excess check?please get back to me with your contact name and address and i will forward you a usps postal money order or cashier check.for the item then you will have to wire the excess to the shipping company through western union money transfer same day you recieve and cash the check because the check is cashable the sameday in your bank.You can aswell contant me with any details

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