Wholly Smokes!!


In All There Infinite Wisdom, The eBay MBA's Are At It Again! 


They Are Actually Planning On Letting Vehicle Listing Winners Write A Review On The Vehicle They Purchased!! Geese.. Boy I Can't Wait To See Some Of These Reviews.. Talk About A Brain Fart In Action!!


Unfortunately Since eBay Suspended My Account I Was Not Invited To Share My Thoughts In The Thread Ole Pancho Started On The EBMDG!


So Here They Are..


#1 I Don't Like That Mercedes, Need's a 700.00 Water Pump, Sucks Gas Like Crazy, The Dealer Wanted 4300.00 For The 60,000 Mile Service! They Tried To Rip Me Off!!  I Will Never Buy A Mercedes Again!!


#2 The Seller Claimed It Was His Mothers Car! He Was A Curb Stoner That Was Peddling An Open Title Vehicle And I Can't Register It! 


#3 This Car Had Rust And I Was Unable To Get It Inspected! It Will Not Pass My States Inspection! He Cheated Me! eBay And PayPal Said, I'm Sorry, But We Are Only A Venue! 


We Could Go On And On.. But I Think You Get My Drift.. Let Consumer Reports Do There Job Of RATING VEHICLES! And Let eBay Take Charge Of There Deadbeat Bidders And There Scamming Power Sellers! Among The Other Problems On eBay Motors!



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