You Are Not Safe Trading On eBay!

Meg Whitman Smiles For The Camera On A Recent TV Interview, And Speaks Of The Magic Of eBay..  Unfortunately She Does Not Speak About The "Dark Side Of eBay!"

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This Is The Original Blogging Stocks Article Written By Gary Sattler. It Was Edited Just Moments After Being Released, With The Comments About Vladuz, And The Challenge To Meg Whitman Removed! You Can See The Edited Blog Here, And Also Read The Comments Posted To It.

Also See This Article Sattler Published On 02/23/2007 "eBay Hacker Vladuz Carrying On" And This One By Eric Buscemi On The Same Date.



eBay Tries Intimidation Tactics On (Translated) After The Initial Vladuz Incident! Then Uses The FBI In Their Intimidation Tactics! Read About It In This Auction Guild Article! Also Note The Black Listing In That Article! The Power Of eBay's Money And Influence Is Apparent Here!


This Blog On Is Very Well Worded, And I Suggest Everybody Read It And Add Your Comments!


In This Auction Bytes Interview eBay's Spokes Person "Hani Durzy" Admitted He Lied To Reporters After Vladuz's First Hack Of (Germany). It Is Doc's Opinion That eBay Does Indeed Lie All The Time, Especially Regarding The Security On It's Website! Durzy's Original Statement Is Here!


The Register Is The Only Major Publication That Has Picked Up On The Vladuz Story. Here Is The 1st And The 2nd Is Here Also Here Are Comments From Their Readers.


Doc Wonders Why No Other Major Media Has Picked Up On This Vladuz Incident? Do They All Hold eBay Shares, And Are Afraid Of Loosing Money?? It Sure Looks That Way To Me!



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