This Is Another E-Mail Spoof Going Around..


Hmmmm.. I Know It Couldn't Be For Me, Since eBay Suspended My Account Because Bill Cobb And Rob Chesnut Have Such Thin Skin! So Obviously I Don't Have Anything Listed On eBay For Sale!


In The Email Itself, The Link Points To A Domain In Russia! So Signing In To Answer The Question Gives The Scammer Your eBay USER ID And PASSWORD!


So Don't Fall For These Tricks Designed To Steal Your Identity!



Clicking On The Above "Respond Now" Button Also Results In A Trojan Being Sent To Your Computer! 


Notice The Run Application Pop Up Box Below..  I Use Mozilla Firefox With The Plug-in Called Adblock! FireFox Is Much More Secure Than Internet Explorer!  I Recommend You Give It A Try!



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