Here Is Doc's Collection Of eBay Motors BUY NOW Bandits!!

buy now bandit fraud

Buy Now Bandits Take Advantage Of eBay Sellers By Closing Out 100'S And Even THOUSANDS of BUY NOW Listings In A Very Short Time!


eBay Loves These Bandits Because All They Refund Is The "Final Value Fee" (If The Seller Can Find The Link And Files For It) The Sellers Are Then Cheated Out Of There Listing, Featured, Reserve, Picture, And Any Other Fees, And Either Are Forced "Pay To Re-list" Or Just Give Up!


I Have Often Wondered If eBay Has Robotic Bots Crawling Their Intranet Closing Out Listings.. Sure Would Be A Good Way To Pad Their Bottom Line!  Kind Of Makes You Go Hmmmmmm..


One Seller Got Whacked 6 Times IN A ROW And Gave Up On eBay!


These Bums Have Been Buying Everything Under The Sun!!


So Much For eBay's NEW Buyer Restrictions! 1.1 Million In BUY NOW Bandit Fraud!

More Nigerian Buy NOW Bandits Using Sequential eBay ID's Screwing Sellers

Ouch That Hurts.. 184 Vehicle Listings Taken Out By The BIN Bandit!

Here Is Another BIN Bandit That Closed Out 51 Listings!

Another Hijacked Acct 122 Sellers Screwed Out Of There Listing Fees!!

Here Is Another Hijacked Acct! Merry Christmas From eBay!!

Here Is Another Cashiers Check Scammer

New Singapore User Takes Down 117 Listings!!

Another Singapore Registered Buy Now Bandit 2nd Root Acct Still Active!

Here Are 10 More  Rogue Nigerian Bum Accts!!

Another Day And Another Nigerian Bum Takes Out 80 Sellers!

And Another One! Same Scam! Different Day!!

Here Are 10 More Singapore User ID's All Set To Burn Up!!

eBay User Bleastwood's Account Was Hijacked Again!!

Looks Like eBay's Buyer Activity Limits Are Not Working!

Nigerian Bandit Scammer With Email To Seller

Here Are 12 More Scamming Nigerian Buy Now Bandits!

The Bandit Struck Again! Same Seller Gets Hit 3 Times In A Row! 

Here Is Another Organized Group Of New Rogue Buyer ID's!

And They Whacked The Music CD Sellers Too!

And The Rolex & Coin Sellers Got Hit Hard As Well!

Another Day And More Rogue BUY NOW Bandits!

Still More Rogue BUY NOW BANDITS!

It Looks Like eBay Is Being Attacked By Rogue Nigerians!

Looks Like Scott Evans Dodge Acct Was Hijacked! Buys 200 Beemers!

Over 1 Million Dollars In Listings Closed Out In Less Than A Day!

Here Is Another BUY NOW BUM That Took Down 1614 BUY NOW Listings!!

Another BUY NOW Bandit Strikes 555 eBay Motors Sellers!

The Buy It Now Bandit Strikes eBay! 242 Items Won With BIN!

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