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And *If* eBay Can't Stop The Scammers, They Should Educate The Community By Sending Out Emails Explaining The Common Scams And How To Avoid Them! Sweeping It Under The Rug Cures Nothing! EDUCATION IS THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM!!!


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NEVER Accept PayPal For A Vehicle, Or Any Large Sale! eBay And PayPal Side With The Buyers Most Of The Time, And Stick It To The Seller! In The Event Of A Chargeback As Stated Above, PayPal Will Not Defend The Seller! They Just Take The Money Back From Whatever Funding Source/Sources You Have On File!


If You Have Taken PayPal For A Large Sum, And The Buyer Threatens To Do A Chargeback, Or You Are Feeling Nervous About The Possibility Of Loosing Your Money.. It Is Best To IMMEDIATELY Close Any Funding Sources You Have On File With PayPal, Including Bank Accounts & Credit Cards That Have Been Removed From PayPal In The Past!, They Are Actually Not Removed, And PayPal Will Attempt To Draw Funds From Them!


Call Your Bank and Tell Them You Lost Your Checkbook, And Do The Same With Credit/Debit Card Companies! They Will Issue You A New Account/Card! And It Will Be PayPal That Gets Hosed, Not You!!!


But Also Be Advised PayPal Will Turn It Over To Collections To Try And Recover Their Loss! 


Doing A Charge Back With A Credit Card/PayPal Is Not Illegal! You Might Think It Is Theft Of Property Like A Worthless Check/Draft, But It Makes It A Civil Matter! You Will Have To File Suit Against The Buyer Who Initiated The Chargeback! If Your Vehicle Is Several States Away, It Might Be Cost Prohibitive!


Con Artists Prey On Vehicle Sellers Just Looking For A Victim! Just Don't Let It Be YOU!!!


Read More About How PayPal Is Not Your Pal Here :www.paypalsucks.com


off_price_hero  (33 ) Feb-24-06 14:15 PST


I searched passenger cars and there's a common thread of cars auctions with a BIN that's incredibly low. But, you have to contact the seller first before bidding. What's up with this - the BIN prices are unreal.


shakecottage  (241 ) Feb-24-06 12:38 PST
We did go see the vehicle before bidding, thank goodness. The seller's description said that the car had been well taken care of and that the interior was in very good condition. The photos looked great. When contacted by phone the seller said the car was in great condition. The seller has good feedback.

The car had a broken windshield, a crack in the dash, cigarette burns on the carpet (under a new floormat), a cigarette burn on the backseat, and some significant scraps touched up with not-quite-matching touch up paint. None of this was in a photo.

You're all right -- see the car. Thanks :)

cmecurry  (68 ) Feb-24-06 07:48 PST

I only decided to say something because through a little research and an ever vigilant eye for a deal, I have become aware of the appalling number of phony auctions. Ebay says they care and then do nothing. The occasional auction is removed. They may say they can't catch them all, then how come I can spot a dozen of them at any time? Things that make you go HUMMMMMMM.

P.S. just got another email explaining why i got the auto post. Still doesnt explain why the mainstream honest ebayer is treated like hes second class. They (EBAY) needs to take a hard look at the Listers and Auctions. I for one will be very careful. Almost to the point of (why would i ever want to take the chance) Thanks for the reply. I will step down from my Box of Soap and move on.

piddle00  (24 ) Feb-23-06 12:57 PST
Thanks for the help with this...i have never heard of such a program with ebay. see below.

I'm really sorry for this late reply but I've been very busy lately and away from a computer. The car is located in Northridge, CA with 50K miles on board, in excellent running and body condition, no flaws on it or any other mechanical problems. It has a clear title and it will be signed and notorized on your name as soon as the payment will be completed.
Regarding payment I am aware of the buyer's protection and we will use eBay's motors vehicle purchase protection program which will hold the payment until you receive the car. If you are interested you will be asked to make a deposit of 30%($6,360); the buy it now price is $21,200. including shipping costs anywhere in the continental US.
By sending your payment to eBay you are not buying the car, is just the way the program works (and in case you buy the car it will give you a 1 month/1000 miles guarantee). However, it is 100% refundable if the car is not as described.
If you are interested please provide me the following informations necessary to take a decision :
-your full name and address for shipping, your phone #
-any negative feedback and if so .... for what reason.
If I receive the requested information you will be informed by eBay during the next hours with details about your purchase.
The car will be inspected and evaluated by eBay's team so there is no need to ask me about it's condition as long it will be a guaranteed purchase by eBay.

riversidepartsdepot  (188 ) Feb-23-06 15:22 PST
I clicked on one of the bogus listings the other day and as soon as the fake login page popped up, it tried to down load what appeared to be a trojan virus! X-( My anti-virus caught it, and it was either harmless or was set up incorrectly, as it didn't do any harm. I think the scammers are testing eBay to see how much they can get away with... What happens when it gets to the point where you can't even click on any auction without having to worry about virus down loads, fake re-directs, etc? It is starting to get out of control.


signsup  (216 ) Feb-23-06 15:00 PST  
I lurk on several other discussion boards on eBay and have made the following observation, for what it's worth.

Pinks will drop in on most other boards about every 10 posts or so.

Remember we would get a topic every now and then looking for a pink? And every blue moon a pink would stop by and jump into a motors discussion.

Other than to pitch their fee increases or some other "enhancement" when was the last time a pink stopped by and made his presence known? I just searched, and you have to go back 4 pages of topics to find one where a pink made a comment.

I think they know what a cesspool (to use Doc's expression) the motors section has turned into (I mean the sales, feedback, frauds and scams, not the discussion board) and they just avoid it like the plague.


But, it would be refreshing to hear a topic about a buyer had the car pre-inspected and had a concern or problem with that process. The scams are getting more well known, the pre-inspection even less so.
lockman  (131 Feb-23-06 15:58 PST  
Signsup: You are right on the money!!

NOBODY in their right mind should buy a car on eBay motors, it is so rife with fraud.

All eBay is interested in is the is the fees it collects.
They could care less about the authenticity of the listing. They don't have, nor care about whether it is real or not.

How else can you explain the fraud on this site???.

The pinks address the "fluffy" issues, kind of like a Larry King interview".

Long live the Libs.!!!
occupantiliedindustries  (64 ) Feb-22-06 10:25 PST
H Luis was busy the last couple of nights...and boy, does he have a deal on a car for you...I mean...he has 27 DEALS!!!


resistance is futile...YOU WILL BE A-SCAM-ILATED!!!

Oh, and that last one is a 2006 Corvette Z06 THAT'S A 4X4?!! WHAT COMPANY DOES *THAT* CONVERSION??? H LUIS ENTERPRISES, THAT'S WHO!!!

So Pinks, while you're wasting your time sending me a nasty scathing email and deleting my post from 530am this morning talking about these scams because I mentioned them by seller name instead of item number, they have put up MORE scams and you're FALLING BEHIND!!!

efreeman28  (3 ) Feb-21-06 18:16 PST  
Just called up page 1 of passenger vehicles, and 30 listings are obvious scams. If the scam prevention team exists, they're not very good. Restating an opinion, once enough people get scammed, and everyone reads about it and stops buying, honest sellers like yourself will stop listing, and the eBay house of cards will come crumbling down.

harborsails  (64 ) Feb-17-06 19:12 PST
Hey Ebay , Ever hear of the Titanic. They said that ship could not sink either and it did .

It is no wonder it is hard to sell a car on Ebay what with all the scams !!!

europa3962  (44 )   Feb-18-06 06:49 PST
Why does Ebay make it so defficult to report obvious scams. I spent more time trying to browse the security areas looking for information

I found a bogus posting and took me 1/2 to tell someone and when I did they suggested in the future I send an email. I contacted the guy on the bogus listing thinking he had misstyped the price for the car. He has 78 feedbacks listed. This is similar to the Nigerian scam
estatesnw  (225 ) Feb-17-06 09:43 PST
Over last 2 days MANY listings of expensive & classic cars being dumped with VERY LOW BuyItNow offered prices in headings and listing comments. Here are some listing numbers to see, they keep rolling off Ebay like crazy- a real problem. DO NOT CONTACT PEOPLE OUTSIDE EBAY LISTING or they will have your email contact info! SEE: 2/17- 4614550566,4614556120,461455612 & 2/16- 4614283916,4614285025,4614283686,4614285298,4614284056,
464283916,4614303730, 4614303258, 4614307456, 4614303258, just watch new listings as they are rolling out NOW!


Scammers winning the battle? View Thread Pulled Frequently!!
efreeman28  (2 ) Feb-12-06 13:44 PST
I've seen and reported probably 40 or 50 scam listings the last week or so. With so many coming through, it must be a lucrative business. I would think that eBay would plant someone to look at new listings to prevent them from ever hitting the board. IMHO, won't matter what eBay's warning and FAQ sites say when enough people actually fall for the scams and land on 60 minutes . . . bad for business if people stop buying stuff . . .


scam*thumper  (0 Feb-12-06 15:29 PST  
A lot of people in this forum have stopped reporting them. It doesn't do any good, the scammers put them up as fast as you can report them. So many have figured the only way eBay might do something, is if enough people fall for them, the news media might pick up on it, which might hurt stock prices and finally get noticed by eBay. You can go ahead and report them, but they'll be back up as fast as they've been removed....sigh...
scam*thumper  (0 Feb-12-06 15:32 PST  
And another downside to repoting scam listings, if the listing has a "hidden payload". There have been reports of "nasties" being downloaded to a user's computer after clicking on scam listings. And other reports of being taken offsite. Its becoming a mine field out there, so be careful!
dandeegps  (7 Feb-12-06 15:52 PST  
Every listing that doesn't require full payment through PAYPAL is a potential scam.....and that's pretty much every EBAY AUTO LISTING.

Sad really, but I don't trust any of the car listings anymore, nice to look, but if the payment isn't thru PAYPAL, you aren't covered by EBAY payment protection program....rendering the whole program next to useless
Any recourse against non-paying car buyer?
smithsquality  (141 ) Feb-01-06 17:34 PST
This is the third time I've been burned by a non-paying high bidder. Is there any legal action available to a seller dealer? Any advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated.
joyscarborough711  (3 ) Oct-05-05 17:30 PDT

I am new to ebay. My husband listed a Jeep and we were scammed by the high bidder, the same person had doen it to another Jeep seller, and now I have found out about two others with a similar story. A brand new ebayer bids the Jeep sky high, and cannot be contacted, does not respond to emails, and DUH!, does not pay. We complained extensively to ebay, and nothing was done about it, we just ate the cost of the listing. We have re-listed the Jeep with a warning to bidders, and if someone is new, or has negative feedback, we ask them to contact us PRIOR to bidding. If they do not comply, we kick them off. This really sucks. I think that there should be some kind of repercussion for the deadbeats, ebay does nothing about this (currently), hopefully this will change. Anybody have something to say about that?


False bidding or fake bids
terryelric  (168 ) Oct-12-05 16:46 PDT

Has anyone else noticed the number of "false" bidders that seem to be popping up on ebay. These people with usually 0 rating start bidding on vehicle and have no intention of buying it. They either make multiply bids or put down an orginal bid of huge amount so they outbid any other person who is interested in auction, Then if you attempt to contact them you receive no answer? Ebay does nothing abou this when you notify them? Any suggestions or comments?


carzamerica  (363 ) Oct-13-05 06:18 PDT  

I am totally convinced that all the employees at ebay are "consumers" themselves, meaning they have probably never worked on the selling side of a business, probably have never owned and operated their own business etc.

I also think that those who run ebay motors have never actually been in the car business.

So they see deadbeats as no big deal, their attitude is "give the customer a break".."we all can make a mistake" etc. Hey I am all for that as long as it doesn't cost me MONEY, but it does. If it were once or twice a year, maybe no big deal, but as you can see it is rampant. And when I ask ebay to refund my whole fee, boy all of a sudden it is a different story.

Personally I would be embarrassed to work for ebay, I just wouldn't feel too good about charging my customer for a service NOT delivered, which is bring me a real buyer and I will pay your fee, bring me a deadbeat and I should be charged nothing. But that's me I guess I adhere to a higher standard....and I am a car dealer.


mainedog70  (142 )

Oct-13-05 06:35 PDT


Unless anyone starts to return messages, it looks like I might be running three-for-three this week on NPBs...two ietms are small and one is a vehicle.

Yet all of these threads are ignored by the pinks. When you talk to someone at eBay, their attitude is that people are generally good and to cut them a break. Heck, we even had a pink come on here before and basically tell the world that deposits should be returned - even though we have to pay our fees, waste our time and tie up our inventory (which costs money in interest for every day that we sit around and hold it for a NPB).

It was suggested once that requirements for a bidder's account should be tightened and the pink response to that was that it wasn't going to happen.

The NPBs are the biggest single problem with eBay Motors right now and management refuses to admit that it is a problem, much less will they do anything about it.

I would be a lot more understanding and patient if somebody at least made the token gesture to say that this is a problem and they plan on doing something about it, rather than trying to tell us to accept Paypal for the full amount (which has its own problems) and the deadbeat bidders will go away.

Take some action eBay, look like you care about your business. I list less and less every month (go back and check my invoices over the past three years) because of problems like these, spend a little bit of time and money to fix your problems and your bottom line will increase. Otherwise, you are on course for a steady decline in business. That's what happens when a vendor stops listening to their customers.

zkatsrus  (0 ) Oct-15-05 04:57 PDT  

Hey, folks, thought you might be interested to know that I took Doc's advice, ran a newspaper ad, and the car sold in 2 days. :)


slimslender  (26 ) Nov-24-05 05:18 PST

How is that people are allowed to run these scams! Every other Supra on Ebay is a scam. They just ruin it for those that are truly offering a good deal, because you don't know what is real and not real! I am sick of this. People need to stop taking advantage of people!


notspock  (6 )

Nov-30-05 05:57 PST



Please excuse the rude comments from the folks on this board. In the past few years, hundreds of people have posted questions similar to yours on this board. The regular, many of them sellers have just become fed up with the fact that so many people think (hope) that they can buy a vehicle for less than half its value.

The board regulars are mostly good folks, but the scams on Ebay have nearly ruined their online auction business.

Yes, it is most likely a scam!
Remember the old saying.
If it seems to good to be true, it probably is!

Ferrari Item number: 4595548791
archer4851  (0 ) Dec-08-05 07:06 PST

It's too good to be true - $25,000.

What do I need to do to protect myself?
1. If I purchase through eBay the transaction has "Vehicle Purchase Protection up to $20,000".
2. AutoCheck vehicle history report.
3. Independent vehicle inspection service.
4. Personally inspect the vehicle.

Doesn't "Vehicle Purchase Protection" actually protect against fraud?



posible scam?  4596590642

avantauto  (52 )

Dec-09-05 19:17 PST

HMM? H Luis using reserve price now? or is that auction for real?

Need Major Help
tlinkletter  (51 ) Dec-22-05 03:51 PST
I won an auction on ebay quite a few months ago for a Ranger Rover. The transaction seemed to go smoothly for a while. Sent the money to the seller the next day via a wire transfer and was supposed to get the title asap. Well the seller kept telling me he never got the transfer. Tried to work with my bank to sort it out and they just said he did. Well this kept going on for a few weeks. Finally I gave up and reported this as a fraud and ebay tells me I'm past the insurance date and can't submit a claim. That's just great now I'm out $10,000. I live in Canada and the truck I was buying was in New Jersey. I went to a local lawyer and they tell me that their is nothing that they can do because it's in the US. Local cops tell me the same thing. Called the New Jersey police and they basically say they are too busy to do anything about it. I submitted an incident to the Internet Fraud complaint center but haven't and don't expect to hear anything back. At this point I don't know what to do. I need to recoup that money somehow but it seems like I have no options what so ever. I was in contact with the seller for like 4 months but now he won't answer the phone. Does anyone know of anything else I can do?

geographical_oddity  (659 ) Jan-10-06 15:09 PST
I was a skeptic but decided to try to sell my car on ebay. Had 35 bids and now one week after the transaction the high bidder tells me he can't come up with the money. I'm not sure what to do -- any suggestions would be appreciated.

carbonbuell  (746 ) Jan-11-06 22:26 PST
Hello. I purchased a Jeep from ebay and it arrived quite differently from described. It has suspension problems and dented fenders that were stated as repaired. It also came with a filthy interior, burn holes in one of the seats, and scratched plastic windows on the top. I thought ebay would reimburse you for vehicles up to $20,000, but I just heard from a friend that they wont cover the car unless the misrepresentation is at least 1/2 of the car's value? Can anyone tell me if this is so? My friend also said that ebay's buyer protestion program is pretty much useless and hell would freeze before I would ever get a refund from them. Can anyone that has used this system please elaborate their experiences? Thank you.



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