About Doc's eBay Motors Sucks Website

The Intent Of This Website Is To Educate The Consumer, And Expose The Problems Hidden Behind eBay Motors Smoke And Mirror Show, That eBay Is Either Too Blind To See, Or Just Don't Care About!

It Is The Opinion Of This Sites Owner/Webmaster, That When eBay Is Allowing Everything You Will See Inside This Website To Go On, They Are Not Only Running Their Reputation Into The Ground, And Also Running Mine That I Spent 6 YEARS Building, Into The Ground As Well! At Least My Feedback Speaks For My Credibility & Reputation! Sorry To Say I Can't Say That For eBay's!

One Thing I Do Know Is The Car Business, I Have Been In It For Over 30 Years Now! It Is Not Taught In College Or Trade School! Some Dealers Have A Natural Knack For It, Others Learn It By Trial And Error, And Some Just Never "Get It!" eBay Just Don't "GET IT" Either! All Those Fancy College Degrees Will Never Equal "Common Sense!" Which They Seriously Lack In Running eBay Motors!

Anyone Selling More Than 3 Vehicles In A Years Time Should Be A Licensed Dealer! eBay Should Verify This From There Vehicle Sellers, But They Refuse To Do So, The Result Is CurbStoners Which Make eBay Money! Bidders Should Have Their Credit/Debit Card On File, Or Be ID Verified To Prove Their Identity, Age, And Sincerity To Follow Through With The Transaction! But eBay Refuses To Do This Also! Deadbeat Bidders Make eBay Money! eBay Motors "Is Not" A Classified Advertising Site, Deals Are Closed On eBay Motors And Are "Supposed" To Be A Binding Contract!

eBay Could Also Block Romania And Other Offending Internet Cafe's IP's Where Scammers Operate Out Of, Blocking Just Romania Would Stop Over 50% Of The Scam Listings! But They Refuse To Do So!

In The Beginning Of eBay Motors, The Site Was A Partnership Of eBay And AutoTrader.com Who Is Owned By Manheim Auctions, Together They Know More About Trading Vehicles Than eBay Ever Will! It was In 2003 That The Auto Trader Logo Disappeared From eBay Motors, And The Motors Site Started Going Down Hill!

eBay Motors Has The Potential To Be A Great Automotive Trading Venue! If... eBay Would Listen To The Community & Assume Responsibility For Their Site, And Clean The Dump Up, But It Just Sucks More And More As Time Goes By!